Edie and Mia's Cupcake Stand

10-year-old besties Edie and Mia decided to combine their love of baking with a desire to help people. During the summer holidays, the girls decided to set up two cupcake stalls, selling cupcakes at their gate to raise money for the SPCA and for The Foodbank Project.

Edie's mum Talei says the girls baked and decorated the cupcakes all by themselves, made signs, wrote on the pavement in chalk, set up a cash float from Edie's money box for change and even had music playing to tempt the customers in.

Despite being one of the hottest days of the year, Edie and Mia were having so much fun it took some convincing to get them to leave their stall once most of the cupcakes were gone and the customers had dried up.

Talei says she and her children had used the Foodbank before and she was quick to suggest it when the girls were thinking about who to donate to.

'I really like the fact that the item you choose to purchase will make its way to someone who is in need of it. The girls had a ball choosing the items to donate. They considered what they thought a family would need.'

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