Donate a Fruit and Vege Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Fresh Produce Apples Royal Gala - 1kg × 1
  • Baking & Roasting Potatoes, 2.5kg × 1
  • Broccoli Head × 1
  • Carrots, 1kg × 1
  • Fresh Produce Bananas 850gm × 1

To celebrate World Food Day, we’re launching a special ‘Fruit and Vege' bundle. 

Research shows that we need to become healthier eaters on a global scale, but food insecurity can make it difficult for people to access fresh, nutrient-dense food. 

The UN is now advocating for a new Brown Revolution (a good thing!), focused on creating healthy soils that produce more nutrients in our food. It is calling on governments to ‘provide healthier and sustainable diets at an affordable price’, and asking the business sector to ‘offer safe and nutritious food choices that help people to have a healthy diet’.

The Foodbank Project is deeply committed to this cause. That’s why we focus on great food and fresh choices in all our food packages.

Together we can make sure everyone gets to eat in a way that comforts both the body and mind.