Food Assistance

The Foodbank Project works with The Salvation Army to provide food assistance to Kiwi families.

If you are in a desperate situation and do not have enough money to provide for yourself or your family, we can help. The Salvation Army's aim is to give you a helping hand so that you can gain a greater level of control over your life.

A lack of money is often the reason that people ask for help. Alongside short-term assistance with food, clothing, and furniture, The Salvation Army links people into longer-term support such as parenting classes, short-term housing and budgeting advice. The staff work with people to assess their correct benefit entitlements and help deal with various government departments.

How do I get assistance?

Our support is provided through Salvation Army Community Ministries centres and corps (churches). It's best to contact a Salvation Army centre near you directly.

What will happen when I go to a Salvation Army centre?

When you visit one of the centres, you will undergo an assessment with one of the staff. If you are on a benefit, we will check to make sure you are receiving it in full, which can sometimes make a huge difference. The assessment is also an opportunity to find out if any other Salvation Army services could help improve your situation.