Every week, more than 300 new individuals and families from across New Zealand come to The Salvation Army looking for help.

There are all sorts of people who are living week-to-week who need help when confronted by an unexpected setback.

At The Salvation Army food parcels are provided by social workers alongside budget advice and other social welfare support and advice to help address the challenges which have caused the need for support.

Depending on the circumstances, some may need help for just a short period, while for others assistance over a period of months can make the difference to clear debt and get back on their feet. The food parcels we give out are all recorded in our database so we can understand and prepare for the changing patterns of demand.

By working with Salvation Army budget advisors, clients can redirect the money they would normally spend on household food to address short term costs or debt. Over time, this regular food assistance helps families get out of debt and on top of their living costs.

Anna and Gary

We received this inspiring message from Anna about how she heard of The Foodbank Project and why she decided to set up a monthly recurring donation: "I found out about The Foodbank Project when I was doing my shopping online on the Countdown website. My husband and I are foster parents and we have seen the impact not having enough food to eat can have on kids particularly. The Salvation Army is an organisation that we both trust and we knew that the small donation from our family budget would actually get to those in need. I remember vividly when I was choosing which items to pick seeing feminine hygiene products were really needed and it hit me then that I had never been in such a dire situation that I couldn't purchase such basic needs. Seeing that was what motivated me to make our donation a recurring one so that we could continue to help in a small way.”


Amal arrived in New Zealand with his parents, brother, and sisters when he was nine. As refugees from Afghanistan, Amal’s family members were dependent on help from a range of agencies to start their new lives. The Salvation Army was one of many organisations that helped them with furniture, clothing and regular food parcels until they were able to live independently. Amal remembers the kindness his family experienced at that time and so particularly enjoys the opportunity he has through his current job as a Duty Manager at Countdown St. Lukes to be giving back to The Salvation Army’s food banks through Countdown’s Food Rescue Programme and The Foodbank Project.


After selling her home and exhausting her savings, Trudy found herself living in a garage and frequently going without food so her children could eat. Trudy never thought she would be one of the increasing number of New Zealanders helped by The Salvation Army; but in 2010, her comfortable life took a turn for the worse when she became so sick she was unable to work and eventually lost her job. After selling her home and exhausting her savings, Trudy found herself living in a garage and frequently going without food so her children could eat. Her Mum convinced her to ask The Salvation Army for help. In addition to food parcels, The Salvation Army’s Royal Oak Community Ministry provided budget advice, counselling, cooking classes, and helped Trudy and her children into a house. You can hear Trudy’s story in this 2-minute clip from TV3.