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Total food parcels delivered

Last year, donations through The Foodbank Project helped fill more than 8,441 Salvation Army food parcels that were distributed to New Zealanders seeking food support. This year we hope to beat that total and help fill Salvation Army foodbank shelves so they can provide food assistance to even more people.

Our goal 3456 Last year 1728 This year 0

Number of donors since we were founded in 2015

Since The Foodbank Project was launched, we’ve received support from thousands of generous Kiwi donors. We’ve even been able to add more hubs and support more people in need!

1234 Donors

Total donations per hub in the last 30 days

We have foodbank hubs at Salvation Army centres all around New Zealand. When you donate, your donation goes to your local hub and helps provide essential food and grocery items to people in your community.

We still need your help

There are still thousands of New Zealanders in need

Last year The Salvation Army alone distributed more than 63,000 food parcels to those in need. Foodbanks rely on generous food and grocery donations from businesses and individuals to meet the constant. Your support purchasing our most-needed items will help directly fill our food parcels.

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