You can help the Whakatane foodbank buy the groceries they need to help residents as they recover from Cyclone Debbie.

The Salvation Army's Emergency Services are working hard with the people of Edgecumbe who have been affected by the devastating flooding caused by Cyclone Debbie. Our Whakatane foodbank has been able to provide immediate relief but are now planning for the long recovery journey ahead. With your support, they can purchase the fresh food and other grocery items that are desperately needed by the affected families and individuals over the weeks ahead.

The Whakatane Salvation Army team has been working alongside NZ Civil Defence and other organisations assisting with the devastation of the flood at Edgecumbe. They acted as an evacuation centre from the moment the flood happened, and then they became a refuge of safety and comfort for those of the community who were victims not only in Edgecumbe but also the surrounding areas. They provided hot food and meals, a place to rest a weary head with mattresses and blankets and comforted those in need. Now the community has started the recovery process and the hard work of getting back into their homes begin.

In the weeks ahead, as people are returning to live in their homes, much more assistance will be required as all their belongings have been destroyed and thrown out due to the contamination of flood water, silt and sewerage. There is still a long road ahead and we are hopeful that support will continue to be provided by anyone who can help.
Kim Fraser – Community Worker, The Salvation Army

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