Donate a OCS Snacks Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Cheese Slices × 1
  • Plain Rice Crackers × 1
  • Raisins × 1
  • Muesli Bars × 1
  • Salted Peanuts × 1
  • Countdown Reusable Bag × 1

We all treasure the special moments that make Christmas magical, and after a pretty tough year, we need your help to make sure that everybody gets to experience the joy this Christmas time.

After a year of uncertainty and loss The Salvation Army is expecting our busiest Christmas in decades, so OCS has joined the team supporting families across the country. 

A food parcel won’t solve everything, but it will help families share a meal with their loved ones at Christmas, even if Christmas is a little different this year.

Donate a Christmas bundle and help give someone the joyful Christmas this year.