Help us help Kiwis in need this Christmas.

Donate a Small Christmas Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Instant Gravy Mix × 1
  • Jelly Crystals Raspberry Flavoured box 85g × 1
  • Select Fruit Salad in juice × 2
  • Free Range Whole Chicken 1.1kg × 1
  • Christmas crackers - 8pk × 1
  • UHT Milk, Full-Cream Long-Life × 1
  • Mixed Vegetables, Carrots, Peas, Beans & Corn × 1
  • Canned Spaghetti, 420g × 1
  • Canned Baked Beans, 420g × 1

Help us help Kiwis in need this Christmas.

Over the Christmas period, The Salvation Army expects to help 17,000 families who are struggling and can't make ends meet . We need your help. Donate a Christmas Bundle of much-needed food and Christmas goodies, and help make someone's Christmas wishes come true.

Every week, thousands of New Zealanders rely on food parcels and there is often not enough in the food banks to meet the need. Your donation makes a huge difference - thank you!

The Foodbank Project is a not-for-profit, self-sustaining online grocery store that makes it easy for anyone to donate food online.

Small Christmas Bundle