Help us help Kiwis in need this Christmas.

Donate a Small Christmas Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Whole Free Range Chicken × 1
  • Potatoes 1kg × 1
  • Carrots 1kg × 1
  • Frozen Mixed Vegetables × 1
  • Roast Chicken Gravy Mix × 1
  • Family Apple Pie × 1
  • Fruit Salad in Juice × 1
  • Custard Powder × 1
  • Longlife Standard Milk × 1
  • Black Tea Bags 25pk × 1
  • Blackberry Jelly Crystals × 1

Help us help Kiwis in need this Christmas.

We all treasure the special moments that make Christmas magical, and after a pretty tough year, we need your help to make sure that everybody gets their own Merry Moment this Christmas time.

The Salvation Army and Countdown have teamed up to donate much-need food and money for what The Salvation Army is expecting to be their busiest Christmas in decades.

Jono Bell, The Salvation Army Director of Community Ministries says “Increasingly, our clients are severely stressed and anxious about how to get through the festive season, and, beyond that, what the future holds."

A food parcel won’t solve everything, but it will help families share a meal with their loved ones at Christmas, even if Christmas is a little different this year.

Donate a Christmas bundle or money today and help give someone their own Merry Moment this Christmas.

Small Christmas Bundle