Donate a Small Winter Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Countdown Pre-Cooked Sausages 1kg × 1
  • Maggi Recipe Base Devilled Sausages × 1
  • Mixed Vegetables, Carrots, Peas, Beans & Corn × 1
  • Fresh Produce Onions Brown 1kg × 1
  • Cheddar Cheese 500g × 1
  • Canned Spaghetti, 420g × 1
  • Fresh Produce Potatoes Agria Brushed 1kg × 1

With chilly days and nights just around the corner, winter is a really tough time for some of our most vulnerable New Zealanders.  Through these colder months, The Salvation Army sees a consistently high demand for food assistance which stretches supplies and resources in their foodbanks across the country

You can help by donating a Small Winter Bundle today.  We've teamed up with Countdown to select a range of useful items that we know our foodbanks need.