Donate a Auckland Toiletries Bundle

Regular price $20.40

This bundle includes:

  • Antibacterial Hand Wash × 1
  • Regular Toothpaste × 1
  • Adult Toothbrush × 1
  • Body Wash Moisturising × 1
  • Hand Sanitiser × 1
  • Shampoo × 1
  • Conditioner × 1

This is a challenging time for thousands of Kiwi families. But for those who are struggling financially this is a particularly stressful time as they figure out how they can provide for their families with limited income.

By donating a Auckland Toiletries Bundle you'll help a Salvation Army centre provide personal hygiene products and support to people in need, so fellow New Zealanders can stay clean and healthy in a time when it is so important.  

Please note that with the current demand on some products, items ordered may differ from those in the bundle.