Donate a TSB Lunchbox Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Table Spread × 1
  • Wheatmeal Toast Bread × 1
  • Raspberry Jam × 1
  • Vegemite Spread × 1
  • Cheddar Cheese × 1
  • Royal Gala Apples 1.5kg × 1

The Christmas holiday season is a challenging time for thousands of Kiwi families. Rising living costs are already tough on weekly budgets, so the additional cost of Christmas, the holidays and new school year, can be impossible for many families to meet - causing stress, hardship and many to go without. 

Over the Christmas period, The Salvation Army will help 17,000 families and individuals food, gifts and other support. Meeting this high demand will leave foodbank shelves empty right around the country, and that's where TSB can help.

As an important partner of The Salvation Army, we want to make the stressful holiday period easier on families who are struggling financially. By donating a TSB Lunch Bundle you'll provide the groceries needed in your local Salvation Army foodbank to provide breakfast for families in this busy period.

Food parcels are provided on a short-term basis to provide a hand up to families who are struggling. By redirecting their food budget to these higher seasonal costs, families can stay out of debt while meeting the needs of their family. 

Donating couldn't be easier. Simply click on Donate Now to add this bundle to your cart. Thank you - your support will make a real difference in helping our partners at The Salvation Army help those in need.