Expanding in Auckland

We're thrilled to announce that thanks to the huge amount of support and donations in the Auckland region, we've added three more hubs to our existing Royal Oak hub. Now, Auckland donations will go to either Glenfield, Waitakere, Royal Oak or Manukau. This means we're able to help more people over a wider area of the Auckland region!

If you're in Auckland you don't need to do anything, the transfer to the new hubs is automatic. If you have a recurring donation and you live on the North Shore, for example, your donations will now automatically go to the Glenfield hub. This should mean that your donation in Auckland will go to person or family closer to you and you're helping your community closer to home.

Thank you to all our amazing donors around New Zealand and around the world - with your ongoing support we're able to help more Kiwis seeking food assistance!

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