How it Works

Donors buy much-needed items through The Foodbank Project

Woolworths (Countdown) along with other suppliers distribute donated items to foodbanks around New Zealand

Food support is provided through Salvation Army foodbanks and centres for Kiwis in need

Your donations are helping to create food security in New Zealand!

The Foodbank Project is New Zealand’s first online food donation shop, therefore it works in a very unique way. As a donor of The Foodbank Project, you can choose from a range of products that are most needed for food parcels. Items include fresh produce, meat and dairy items, as well as sanitary products and cleaning supplies. The platform is a secure eCommerce site so you can make your donation securely online.

Your donation is ordered weekly through Woolworths who will then pack your order and deliver it free of charge to the nearest Salvation Army foodbank. Every item you donate is included in a food parcel which is given to people in need in your community. 

Woolworths generously provides all food at cost, meaning your donations can go even further to help those in need.

After every donation you will receive a confirmation receipt of your donation as well as a reminder that your donation will be going directly to your nearest foodbank.

Additional support from The Foodbank Project


$29,080 went towards:

> A new oven for Epsom Lodge

> Additional food for Dunedin


$39,447.39 went towards:

> Set up of The Good Shop

> Additional food for Whangarei

> 5 new fridge/freezers


$47,601.56 went towards:

> Upgrades for 4 foodbanks across NZ including new warehouse equipment

> 3 new fridge/freezers & chillers


$3,373,998.06 went towards:

> $3M towards the overall COVID-19 relief fund through to 2022

> Funded research into food insecurity in New Zealand

> $100,000 into emergency food grants