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Everything you need to know about Supergenerous below:

What is Supergenerous, and why was it started?

Supergenerous is a Kiwi-based social enterprise focused on supercharging the incredible impact of donations by claiming and re-gifting donation rebates from the IRD on donors’ behalf. Most donations in New Zealand are eligible for a 33% donation rebate, but the majority of people do not claim those funds. We started Supergenerous to access the $1B in unclaimed donation rebates that could be better used by charitable organisations across the country. Organisations like The Foodbank Project

Isn’t it already pretty simple to claim donation rebates through the IRD? 

Actually, yes! Claiming donation rebates through Inland Revenue is a relatively straightforward process. However, shockingly, more than half of Kiwis leave their donation rebates unclaimed. This adds roughly $250 million of unclaimed donation rebates into the pot each year. At Supergenerous, we think those funds could be used to create even more impact through organisations like The Foodbank Project which is why we exist! 

Why do you think most people don’t claim their donation rebates?

For many donors I’ve spoken to, the hassle of compiling their donation receipts from every single charity and religious organisation (along with school fees) they support can be too much of a headache to undertake every year. For those generous folks, Supergenerous is a good fit. By signing up, we take care of everything for the donor, including the collection of all donation receipts, submitting donor claims to IRD on their behalf, and regifting those rebates (if they choose). One of the biggest benefits of Supergenerous is that once a donor has signed up the first time, our service continues year-after-year. 

How does Supergenerous work? 

Supergenerous is a digital service that automates the process of claiming back a donation rebate. Once a donor signs up, we get to work by gathering and digitising all charity donation receipts (from the past four years), lodging their claim with Inland Revenue, and depositing the rebate once it’s been received. For many donors, this is forwarded on to their favourite charities to amplify the impact of their original donation. By re-gifting, a $100 donation to The Foodbank Project will supercharge to become $148.67 in impact! 

How can The Foodbank Project donors learn more and sign up with Supergenerous? 

Donors can visit About Us | Supergenerous to learn more about Supergenerous. From there, it’s quick and easy to make a free account on our online platform. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll start collecting your donation receipts and making your claim with IRD. 

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