Oamaru  Salvation Army Foodbank

Oamaru Salvation Army Foodbank

When we meet people in Oamaru who bravely come to us for help, they have often reached the bottom shelf in their pantry, only to find’s its empty too. The basics of breakfast cereals, spreads for toast, or even the margarine to spread on it, are missing from their pantries, and it’s heartbreaking.

Your donation of these, and other basics; like potatoes, pasta sauce, tea and coffee … literally changes the hope quota for people, and what most of our people need desperately is some hope.

Would you please consider a donation of food today, that will not only put some much-needed basics on the shelf for someone like you, but who needs a hand? When you do, you also add some hope in their hearts for a better tomorrow. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this mission. 

As demand grows we require flexibility to meet the needs where they are greatest. Should the product you have selected not be available, a similar or most needed item will be substituted instead. Our foodbanks may share food locally. This ensures your gift is always making the most impact and helping individuals with food support.

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