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Don't let women miss out. 

Women throughout New Zealand are missing school or work or risking their health because they can't afford period products. You can help by donating a Period  Bundle.

 Our foodbank hubs are in desperate need of women's sanitary products, to support those families in need and get their girls to school.

"Sanitary products are a basic necessity for women and should not have to be a luxury item, however many of our young Kiwi women are staying home when they have their period or worse still, resorting to unhygienic practices and creating makeshift products or recycling old pads so they can still attend school".

- Major Pam Waugh, former head of welfare services at The Salvation Army

"Every week we're asked for sanitary products. Many of our women are ashamed of asking but are often relieved when we're able to provide for them. Just this week we had a mum who went without these products so she could provide them to her daughter. Your donations allow all women to receive these essential products - it creates equality and positive wellbeing. Thank you so much for your donations!"

- Claire, Centre Manager at our Glenfield hub

Did you know?

You can set up recurring donations to go out automatically each week, fortnight or month! Just tick "Yes, I'd like to make it a regular donation" and choose the frequency before you add this bundle to your cart. Each time your recurring donation goes out you'll receive a donation receipt via email (you can also request a donation summary receipt at the end of the financial year). Food banks rely on regular donations to be able to create food parcels for their clients. Help feed your community by setting up a recurring donation! Learn more here.

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