Christmas Recipe Swap

The Showstopper
We’re not gonna lie, this is quite the project. But if you love the challenge of piping in a straight line, this delightful gingerbread house makes a stunning Christmas centrepiece. Plus, the gingery goodness makes it the Christmas decoration that keeps on giving ...

When it comes to culinary cuteness, you really can’t go past a cake pop. And these reindeer with pretzel antlers (genuis!) are next level squee.

Here’s to your health
Not a sweet tooth? First of all, what is the whole point of Christmas for you? (Apart from family and the sacredness of the season.) Second of all, try out this healthy salad that’s just fancy enough for Christmas lunch. 

Cheat Gourmet
If you’re not a cook but want to trick everyone into thinking you are—and there’s no shame in it, because that’s 99 percent of us—bring along these goat cheese, avocado and smoked salmon cups which are secretly super easy to make. Voila!

Healthy, gourmet AND budget!
But wait, we hear you say, I want to something that’s healthy, easy, won’t blow my budget, AND gourmet. Look no further—this frozen banana ice cream is healthy, cost-effective and simply divine:

Drumroll, please ...
Finally, here’s a stunner of a main course, that brings together Kiwi tradition with lamb barbeque and kumara wedges, and not-at-all-traditional-but-definitely-delicio salsa verde.

Have a delicious Christmas everyone, however you like to celebrate. Why not share the love, and post your own favourite recipe on our Facebook Page?

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