Don't let a family's tight budget affect the kids

Donate a Lunchbox Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Wheatmeal Sandwich Bread × 1
  • Fresh Produce Apples - Braeburn - 1kg × 1
  • Raspberry Jam × 1
  • Homebrand Spread, Margarine × 1
  • Vegemite 150g × 1
  • EZ Freeze 650mL Water Bottle × 1
  • Cheddar Cheese 500g × 1
  • Select Muesli Bars 100g 6pk × 1

At the start of each year, many Kiwi families have to make up the cost of Christmas. Sadly, this often means kids are sent to school without lunch. Pack lunch for a hungry Kiwi kid and donate a Lunchbox Bundle.

Every week, thousands of New Zealanders rely on food parcels and there is often not enough in the food banks to meet the need. Your donation makes a huge difference - thank you!

Did you know?

You can set up recurring donations to go out automatically each week, fortnight or month! Just add the items you want to donate regularly to your cart and when you checkout tick "Yes, I'd like to make it a regular donation" and choose the frequency. Each time your recurring donation goes out you'll receive a donation receipt via email. Recurring donations are what keep food bank shelves stocked. Food banks rely on regular donations to be able to create food parcels for their clients. Help feed your community by setting up a recurring donation today!

What is The Foodbank Project?
The Foodbank Project is a not-for-profit, self-sustaining online grocery store that makes it easy for anyone to donate food online.