Sharing kai

Across the motu, Salvation Army foodbanks are expanding their food response to offer new food-based wrap-arounds alongside traditional food parcels. These new food supports are strengths-based and help build knowledge, skills, access and connection, empowering whānau to move from dependence to a place of greater resilience, sovereignty and security. 

We’ve defined seven areas of food security support that Salvation Army Community Ministries can offer. These are

  • Choosing kai
  • Cooking kai
  • Growing kai
  • Sharing kai
  • Buying kai
  • Connecting with kai
  • Partnering around kai

Because food insecurity is different in every community, our foodbanks are empowered to adopt the food security initiatives that best meet the unique needs of their community and match their own resources. This flexible approach helps target our resources to best effect and provides a great opportunity for partnering with other community organisations. From Kaitaia to Invercargill you’ll see different expressions of food security at Salvation Army foodbanks. In this video you can see how our Whangarei team is helping strengthen food security for whānau and their community..

You can help our Community Ministries  implement or expand food security programmes in their Community by making a donation through their landing page.

  • Hosting pātaka kai at Salvation Army Community Ministries 
  • Supporting neighbourhood pātaka kai

Pātaka kai are an important way Salvation Army Community Ministries are helping to make food more accessible and to encourage sharing of surplus food within neighbourhoods. By providing a site for sharing food that has no barriers to access, we can help strengthen security and sovereignty. Operating on a princple of trust and generosity, pātaka kai invite the community to ‘take what you need and share what you can’. Surplus and short life donations which can’t be used in Salvation Army foodbanks are shared through pātaka kai located on our sites, at key community sites and in our neighbourhoods.